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From news delivery to portfolio hostage, we offer specialist services for the Media, Arts and Film industry worldwide.  As well as selling news, we are also an online community, that connects our users with industry related indiviuals and organisations.  We want to helps our users and let them sink their teeth into this diverse market.

PortFolio Hosting & NETWORKING

Develop your online profile on, via our portfolio hosting services.  Then connect with others and develop professional contacts within your field.  Please read or Services page for more information.




Sell your work and get some extra cash




Be always up-to-date of current events and recent news with our 24h news delivery service.

About Us

Vamphire, which stands for Video, Audio, Model and Photography Hire, is an online community that connects Media & Arts related indiviuals and organisations together and helps its users to sink their teeth into the market. 

What makes a service I want to join? is owned by PBT Media Relations Ltd.  It offers our users a platform to reach out into the news, arts and media world, so that they can gain more contacts, get help and most importantly increase work opportunities.

Vamphire stands for Video, Audio, Model and Photography Hire.

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