Frequently Asked Questions


※  Are you gothic?

No, we are not gothic. We just though it has a bit of bite!


※  What does Vamphire stand for?

VAMPhire stands for Video, Audio, Model and Photography Hire.


※  What is Vamphire.com?

Vamphire.com is a combination of a portfolio hosting website, a trading platform for media services and a professional networking for those within the media and arts industries.


※  What is the purpose of Vamphire.com?

The purpose of Vamphire.com is to unite and connect media and arts related individuals and organisations together and provide them will all required services that will help to further develop their skills, industry contacts, and create safer and fairer working practices.


※  Is Vamphire an agency?

No, we are not an Agency.  We are an online community.


※  Why should I join?

Because Vamphire.com is the first and only website that combines in itself all that services that are so essential for media and arts related specialists. You can advertise yourself, communicate with others, find job opportunities, as well as buy or sell your work – and all of that can be done under one roof.


※  How do I become a member?

To join simply click on "Registration" button and select the profile type that best fits your profession. If your occupation is not listed, please email us and we will find the solution for you as soon as possible.  


※  Is there a joining fee?

At this time there is NO joining fee.   A joining fee will be added at a later stage to some profile types.  So joining now will save you money as well as getting you ahead of the competition!


※  Can I join if I am already employed by someone?

Yes, you can. Vamphire.com does not stop you from working with other agencies, firms or websites at the same time. It is designed for everyone: freelance, employed, agency or unemployed users. We do not hold you to solely supply via us, unless you send an exclusive!

Please note that you might not be able to join if you are under an exclusivity contract with your current employer/ client. 


 I am a student, can I join?

Yes. Students can join our website, BUT only if they are on a media or arts related course and are over 18.


 How do I change my username on Vamphire.com?

You cannot change your username once it has been set. The reason for that is to help us control copyright of your work and the rights of other Vamphire users. 


※  What if I've forgotten my login details?

Don't panic. Simply follow the link below and we will do our best to help you retrieve it. If you still have problems, please contact us. 


※  Why do I get asked for ID?

This is to prove you are real, so members have faith that they are dealing with real people and businesses. It also helps with child protection and other related issues.


 Can I opt out?

Yes, you can leave at any time. At the end of the day if it's not for you - it‘s not for you! 


※  How do I delete my profile from Vamphire?

To delete your profile, please go to your profile settings and follow the instruction.


※  Why has my profile been removed/ suspended?

If your profile gets removed or suspended, you should receive an update explaining the potential cause of dispute. The common reasons are breach of copyright, abuse, protection for legal reasons, fake or misleading information being given for ID check, failure to fulfil contracts when given, breach of our T&C.


※  How do I contact an administrator?

Please visit our contact page via clicking on here for more information.


※  How do I make a complaint?

To make a complaint, please follow our Complaints Procedure by clicking here


※  Is Vamphire content available to news organisations and other companies?



 How do I get permission to reprint a Vamphire story or photo?

You must be a registered user and must follow the copyright restrictions displayed for your level of access.


 If I sell my work through Vamphire, what commission will be taken?

The amount of commission depends on the type of account you are registered with. The usual commission from a direct sale will be 15% after PayPal deductions.


 When and how will I be paid?

For a direct sale, you will be paid as soon as transaction has been cleared, unless otherwise stipulated. Any money owed through widgets will be dealt with on a weekly basis, unless otherwise stipulated.


※  How do I know if I've made a sale?

If the sale is offline, you'll be notified and kept up to date via your chosen method of contact. If the sale is online, it will be done automatically and you will get an update via message board on your profile.


※  Should I pay tax on my earnings?

Please see your country's Tax legislations and follow them.


 If I sell my work on Vamphire, can I sell them in other places too?

Yes, you can, unless it's non exclusive, however, Vamphire cannot be responsible for breaches or enforcement of your copyright. You should also bare on mind that it can decreed likelihood of sale through both parties. You must also check Terms and Conditions of the other parties/s.


※  Who owns the copyright to my work on Vamphire?

You related the full copyright of your work, but give Vamphire.com and its subsidiaries and partners the permission to distribute and use the material in accordance with our T&C. 


※  My work has been stolen, what are Vamphire going to do about it?

If you noticed that your work has been stolen, please notify us with all relevant information as soon as possible.  Please see our T&C for more information. Vamphire.com will try to do our best to assist you.  


※  What is Alpha Testing/ Alpha Tester?

Alpha Testing is a stage of the development when the first website users (Alpha Testers) can trial parts of the website and note any existing or potential problems. This stage helps the website developers to check if the design and development systems work as it was expected and if the website is user-friendly.


※  What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing usually comes after Alpha Testing and can be considered as the last stage of external user acceptance testing.


※  Why should I become a Tester?

Because you can get lots of benefits! Alpha and Beta Test users get 1 FREE PORTFOLIO for up to 1 year after the site goes fully live!  We also give you a badge that will make your profile stand out more from the other user profiles. And you will get lots of other things along with an exclusive opportunity to have a say in the development of the services!

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