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Sellers are users who have the ability to sell to other members and provide a service that is content production in format, for example photographers and reporters.

Sellers have a full portfolio system and sales systems. These users are also able to have feeds, like RSS attached to the profiles, which let other systems, like Twitter, so that other systems can be notified when they update etc. Some of these sections are specially limited to only allow set profile types access. This allows the users to control who sees what, more efficiently.

Sellers can interact with set buyers and service providers, like models, studios and newspapers, for example. Sellers can also profit share with Service Providers and pay them directly, should they wish.


Buyers are users who have the ability to obtain material from sellers. They are not able to sell work and can not contact or interact with other buyers or service providers.

These users have a basic portfolio system that allows them to market them selves to users and visitors to the site.

Services & Others

Services and Others are users who offer services to buyers and also other service users. They can interact with each other and also with sellers, but can not interact with buyers. These users have no direct selling capability, but have the ability for some profiles to profit shire and also charge both Sellers and other Service providers for the services they offer.

Just like sellers, theses users have a have a full portfolio system. A flag system is in use, that says who can and can not see the work on that section of the profile the information is listed. This control allows only profile types who need information to have it. These users are also able to have feeds, like RSS attached to the profile, that lets other systems, like Twitter know they have updated a profile, etc.

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