- What are the services we offer?


Please be aware that the website is still under development and that some of the services listed below might not be operational at present.

※  Portfolio Hosting

Create your own professional account and expand your career opportunities with!

Our Portfolio section covers more than 50 occupations, so we believe that each of our creative friends will be able to find the right category to be listed. All you need is to fill in a specifically designed questionnaire (CV) and support it with your work examples, so other users get a taste of what you can offer and how much you are worth!

Your Portfolio will be cross-referenced throughout the whole system, which will make your profile be found fast and easy by other users, who are relevant to your industry!

Here at, we take privacy and security very seriously, hence why we have included an extra layer of checks. As you proceed to filling your profile, you'll be asked to verify your ID. Please be as open as possible and help us creating a platform that is free from 

※  Networking Opportunities

Build connections and grow your network by discovering people within your industry. Our customised communication system helps you to find useful contacts and send them direct messages or even create a group talks, where you can acquire new skills, technical knowledge and even develop sales!

※  Trading Platform

Are you delivering awesome services or product, but struggling to get noticed by clients? Then our Trading Platform is for you. This is the place where demand meets the supply. If you a photographer snapping gorgeous pictures, a journalist writing exciting stories or an artist with stunning work why not selling your work to someone who appreciates it?

With us you can sell or buy arts and media products and service, participate in auctions and much more...

Join our community today and reap the benefits!

※  News Delivery Services

Want to be always up to date of latest news and current events? We are here to provide you with reliable news that are produced by qualified and experienced journalists. All you need to do is to choose categories that interest you most and your customised news feed with be created for you. Think how many unique opportunities this awesome feature can offer to publishers... just saying...

Our News Delivery system is also a great way for journalists and bloggers to get their story out to the public! With this service, we offer you the ability to spread the word across the web and also target print media and other news outlets. The service allows interaction with the trading platform and advertisement system along with your portfolio to not only increase your media story exposure, but also your presence and sales opportunities.

  Advertising Options

Special opportunities await advertisers! Now you can customise your advert and target it at the right audience without wasting your time and money. There are many different advertising methods available, starting from basic banner display options and finishing with the event sponsorship opportunities. Don't miss your chance to get noticed!

  Public Shop

Public shop is the place where you can buy some items to show your support for You can find here different sorts of things, like branded clothing, personalised accessories, event tickets, equipment and many more.

The public shop unlike the other trading systems will only stock items that have been sourced especially by our management team. If you actually think that you have an item/ items that are worth including, please contact site admin with your proposal.

  Booklets and Other Recourses

This is specially crafted literature aimed at helping our users make the most of their skills and talents, as well as learning new things along the way.

Contributions to this service are welcome via admin. Some of these recourses are free, others will be for sale. The ones for sale also provide opportunities for our users to make extra cash by offering their expertise to other users.